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When you are dealing with out-of-control debt, it might feel like nothing is going your way. You may feel as though your creditors are bullies and you are an underdog. These feelings can be much worse if you are getting phone calls, letters and emails about your debt. However, it might surprise you to learn that the law offers you quite a bit of protection against debt collector harassment. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act places strict rules on how and when a bill collector can call you. It also outlines what can happen when a creditor violates this act. If you have suffered as a result of creditor harassment, Spring Legal Group can help.


What Is a Violation of the FDCPA?

The Federal Trade Commission is a federal agency that works to protect consumers through legislation. In 2015, they began coordinating initiatives at the local, state and federal level to stop debt collector harassment. Debt collectors found violating the FDCPA could be held liable for their actions.

The FDCPA outlines how debt collectors can collect debts. Specifically, it prohibits collection efforts that are abusive, deceptive and unfair, including:

  • Profane or abusive language
  • False statements
  • Early-morning or late-night phone calls
  • Calls that continue even after the debtor has requested in writing that they stop
  • Threats to take legal action or arrest the debtor
  • Failure to validate the debt
  • Failure to identify the collector
  • Unauthorized fees or interest
  • Continuous communication
  • Contact with third-parties to discuss the debt


These rules apply to consumer debts, which refer to debts incurred for household or personal reasons. This includes student loans, credit card debts, personal loans, car loans, mortgages and utility bills.


Dealing with Creditor Harassment

The stress that comes from creditor harassment can be overwhelming. Long-term stress of this kind can lead to anxiety, health problems, marital problems and bankruptcy. You do not have to deal with creditor harassment alone. With an attorney on your side, you can stop the harassment. Once you have legal representation, the calls, letters, harassment and abuse will stop. Your creditors are required to contact us rather than you. You can finally enjoy peace of mind and begin to work towards a solution for your debt. We can even take legal action to end the abuse.

Debt is stressful enough without harassment and abuse. Spring Legal Group can help you get your life back. Call us today to schedule a no-obligation case evaluation and learn more about your rights.