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Debt Negotiation

Spring Legal Group – Debt Negotiation

Stopping creditor harassment can feel like a full-time job. When you get behind on paying your debts, the creditors begin to call. The calls can come frequently throughout the day, and you cannot stop them by simply telling them you don’t have the money or will pay soon. What can you do? You can call Spring Legal Group. We can help stop the calls, deal directly with your creditors and find a debt solution that works for you.


Debt Negotiation Solutions

Many people think they have two choices: paying off their debt little by little or filing for bankruptcy. They don’t realize that they might have a third option in debt negotiation. Debt negotiation can be beneficial for both the consumer and the creditor. In your case, you are able to repay an amount that you can afford, and because you are working with an attorney, the collection calls will stop. The creditor benefits because they will be able to recover some of the debt without having to litigate and will not risk losing it all through a bankruptcy discharge.


The Debt Negotiation Process

If you decide that debt negotiation is right for you, our attorney will work with you to create a savings plan based on your budget. The negotiations process can take some time. While we are negotiating, you can continue to contribute to your savings plan. Once we reach an agreement with your creditors and you approve it, we will make a lump sum payment to them, and your debt will be paid.

While you can attempt to negotiate a debt on your own, having an attorney work with you ensures the process is completely legal and protects you from future creditor actions. Furthermore, once you are working with an attorney, we can work directly with your creditors and stop those harassing phone calls and letters. If one of your creditors decides to take legal action, we can step in for an appropriate defense, too.


About Spring Legal Group

Spring Legal Group can negotiate virtually all unsecured debts, including medical debts, credit cards, store cards, personal loans, cash advances and some kinds of utility bills. Secured debts are typically not eligible for negotiation and settlements. We will work to protect your rights and your financial future. Contact us today to learn more about your options for negotiating and settling debts or schedule a no-obligation case evaluation with our experts at Spring Legal Group.